Atlas Tanker

Atlas Tanker

Atlas Tanker

Name: Atlas

Type: Tanker 

Size: 446' x 58' x 27' 

Date Sunk: 4/9/1942

Cause: Torpedoed by U-552

Depth: 80-125ft

Current: slight to moderate

Visibility: highly variable.10ft-100ft

Site Description: The Atlas also sits on the East Side. She sits on a silty bottom that is easily stirred up. On lower viz days this wreck has almost a spooky feel. Due to the common sand tiger presence I often refer to this site as Jurassic Park. A reel is highly recommended, as the wreck has aged and the decks have fallen sometimes going from one piece to another can take a leap of faith. Aside from the wildlife some of the wreck highlights are the engine, boilers, rudder post, oil tanks, and anchors.

This wreck is visited on our regular day offshore.

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